We Should All Be Humanists


Praise God brethren. The last time I started like this I had decided I could not go on being an angry feminist. Today, I had another change of heart altogether. The Lord has been purging my life and we have come to this; we should all be humanists.

I have recently engaged with mansplainers humanists and I decided that the Lord really does speak through his people. This feminism thing is trash tbh. Too much noise for so many petty issues. The other day, someone was complaining about the groom being told to kiss the bride without asking if she actually wants to be kissed or do the kissing. Imagine. Syria could be burning and these humans would be talking about consent with your damn wife. Trifling.

Anyway, my driving point here is not bashing feminism even though as humanists that’s what we spend most of our energy on, it is to tell you how you can be a humanist. For the most part, being a humanist is really easy because weeeell, all you have to do is be human. Just live. Because that’s really all there is to life. Live! No mythical systems of oppression what what. You see, the problem with these feminists is that they have a victim mentality. They think the whole world is out to get them. Mans embraces chivalry, they call it sexist. Mans is Bible believing what what who doesn’t think gay people are as human as he is because Leviticus, mans is a bigot. Mans asks how he can be involved in feminism, mans has to google. Mans breathes, mans is trash. Why exactly would you want to be associated with people who have no respect for the male ego our humanity?

I say let’s all be humanists. We preach peace and love and tolerance for all of our bigoted and misogynistic different opinions. But mostly we just sit back and enjoy life as conventionally as possible. We can applaud when others say Black Lives Matter, well don’t they? But the truth is all lives matter. We can be really really really sad when we hear about rape victims and domestic violence and child marriage. You know, stuff that’s actually stuff? But to blame a system? It’s a post feminist world really, woman have jobs and stuffs. We shouldn’t get hysterical.

I’m fairly new at this humanist stuffs so I can’t offer much information, but yea sounds just about more awesome than violent peoples.


I am no longer an angry feminist


I gave my life to Jesus friends. I am no longer an angry feminist. Eish, the joy of the Lord overwhelms me.

It was a long weekend mes amies. Long enough for me to find new purpose. Three of my friends were raped, oops, strong words. Almost raped, I mean why exaggerate the gravity of these things? Three different scenarios in the past week alone have sobered me. We need to take things a little more lightly. Calm down mami. In all the three cases, they were asked out by these excuses for human beings-ah, I forget. Fighting that old creation now that the new has come, we were saying- well-meaning gentlemen who they turned down. But you see, some of these women don’t know what they want. You gots to double check that ‘no’, don’t you? Aye, the things I have learned! So these gentlemen went ahead to “show them what they’d be missing out on”. In my anger, the old days of Egypt, I called this rape but now that I have stepped out of the darkness, you don’t let someone make bad decisions. Especially someone you love. You might have to go against their wishes to help them change their minds. Even when they keep telling you to stop, you gots to do what you feel is best for you, I mean, them. They will appreciate later. Don’t you see how grateful we are to our parents?

Anyway, I was still bitter and man-hating back then so for one of them, we decided to report to a person in authority. Retrospectively, this lady was very kind to us. She said she saw us as her own children, especially now that we were telling her about this. And so she told us of her glory days and advised us to dress right, be mindful of the company we keep and where we keep it. The most important lesson though, the “no that means no”. Yes mami, some no’s don’t mean no. I cannot wait for the dictionary updates because the one I have currently only means negating. It’s always a good thing to learn new meanings to words. She even said a prayer for us. Miracles have happened I tell you! My friend avoids her room like a plague because her prince charming occupies the opposite room. There will be no peace for him, yes him, while she is around. And in loving our neighbours as we love ourselves, we gots to help them avoid temptation.

The other one is really a fool. I have not yet told her this, but our beloved gentleman has. The brother says he is nice. I thought, I mean, think so too. He usually invites us for the cell fellowship he leads. I am as perturbed as he is as to why a woman would not be interested in him, even flattered by his interest. He had the nerve, argh- I mean he was kind enough to let my friend know there are not many men like him out there. It is a foolish thing, even despicable, to turn down nice mans. Nice mans doesn’t deserve it after he has ‘proved himself’ to be different from the lot of them mon cherie. I even feel like writing you angry feminists a guide to making peace with some of these things. It would be called Revelations. Scary things, I tell you.

Also, friends, let us not trivialize our lives. There is a war in Syria and Besigye is back to playing cat and mouse with the mafia, sorry, government. Can we direct our anger to these issues? Anyway, I gots to attend to my friend who has been in a terrified stupor since the incident with mans(I know, I know. Melodramatic reaction, ah). Think of sunshine and rainbows and Spongebob.



It’s a good day to be a good day😊. Lovers of good music, spoken word, poetry and hip-hop that’s not about some gang and drugs, my people the feminists, I am sharing five beautiful songs/poems you should absolutely add to your playlists.

Depth of Her by Mike256. The song whose title I have stolen(I hope this is not punishable. Please please please. But if it is, *side eye* what if I also came up with it after much thinking?😂) Seriously though, it’s not everyday a rapper commits to a cause so worthy, God! It is so brilliantly feminist and if I was not dying to share the amazing poets, I would end here(Please continue 🙂

“To me where the wild things are is a place that exists in our minds. It is a place of liberty, shamelessness. It takes a split second of our lifetime to find it but once you do, you will be free.” Need I say more? You know Alessia Cara, right? Well if you do, my work here is done. If you don’t, I’ll tell you something; she’s positively empowering. For everyone.

Dzyadzorm: Ghanaian spoken word poet(Thank you Tchassa😘, y’all need a bae like mine 😉 ). She sounds somewhat like Temwani. Or so I thought. If you do not have the patience (or the data) to listen to this now, do yourself this one favor and read OBAA BONI; a poem your children’s children should read(my own words). Stay, the poem I have shared, is what you would call 3am heartbreak material(again borrowing a title; Marisa Crane’s this time round).

And then my new obsession, Poetra Asantewa…When I first listened to her, I thought it was a hook before the spoken word would come on; that was on ‘All Love’. It’s all jazz and feely(I know it’s not a word). Oh my God, ‘Masked Commoners‘ is going to hit you right between the eyes with truths you’ve been shying away from. I warn you, you listen to it and you might need it like you need your morning coffee. Also, you should really really really listen to Poetry Ain’t Shit. Okay the whole album Motherfuckitude: The Naked Ones.

Missing and Loving by APass. I’m going to get over this song one day. I promise.

Feel free to recommend M.E some good good music. Happy listening folk.







I don’t like to discuss issues I strongly believe in because discussion, in it’s full meaning, gives room for criticism and contradiction but I decided to go out on a limb and open up the discussion on feminism for 8 straight days. I cannot say I enjoyed it, I do not like explaining myself which I found quite inevitable but I do not regret it. I have learnt a lot more than I knew before the start of March. I have been forced to read more and not simply have baseless convictions, but also because it’s always good to find out the why and how of other people who share the same/contrary views. Now if you are wondering what this is about, you’ll have to go through Day 1 where someone was trying to figure out feminism, Day 2 where it was all civility, Day 3 where the ideology of feminism was questioned, Day 4 was a Christian perspective, Day 5 I shared my encounter with a feminist, Day 7 which sought to explain feminism. Yes, there was no Day 6 but that’s a story for another day. Take note that all were guest blogs save for Day 5 so I may or may not agree with them.

You see, the thing with feminism is that it is stereotyped as a movement with angry females who want men to cut off their balls and grow boobs. Yes, someone told me that. But allow me digress, we’ll talk woman today(In my mind though, it’s literally one and the same but I hope that gets you off your guard a little. I don’t know why people are always ready for war when it’s feminist talk though). So woman, it is.

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m not big on days like this because, why should it be one day in the year when you celebrate the women in your life? The history of Women’s Day makes for a good read by the way, and as much as I believe women(and people generally) should be celebrated everyday I understand the significance of such days. I like that the women who have made it are celebrated and those whose stories we never hear are shared.

namelessToday, though, I’d like to celebrate nameless faceless women. Yes, they have faces and names but they might never make it to the list of people we celebrate on social media or tell our children to be like. These, the women who shelved their dreams to raise their children. These, the women whose only identification is the name by their Mrs. These, the women who were forced to fit in the one-size-fits-all notions of when they should get married. These, the women who have learnt to put their opinions second place or simply dismiss them. These, the women who have known the shame of being disgraced while their children watch. These, the women who have no option but to sell their bodies for a penny. These, the women hanging onto broken marriages to see their children grow up with mother and father figures. These, the women in the market place. These, the waitresses and bar tenders who lost the right to complain when touched inappropriately by male customers. These, the women who will not be celebrated today because their capacity to effect change in a ‘meaningful’ way has been crippled. These, the women whose dreams consist of nothing but a man because they were taught to think that way. These, the nameless faceless women who beauty is not show-stopping who have been convinced they owe the world a pretty face and are desperately trying to fit in. These, the women who’d like to be celebrated but don’t see how…

faceless..Dear nameless faceless woman, we’re in this together. We’re figuring this out. Feminism is not where it was 50 years ago. It used to be a defensive, now it’s an offensive. We are speaking up for you, finding your name and putting a face to it. We celebrate you. Everyday. Happy Women’s Day.



7/8: WHAT FEMINISM SHOULD MEAN [@mido_mosata]


Feminism is many things to me.

It is the assurance that I am enough, that I don’t have to sit in a corner and be silent even when words burn me wanting to be let out. It is the hope that one day my sisters won’t be subjected to abuse because they chose career paths that are considered manly.

Feminism is the voice of the woman and the voiceless. It is the voice that raises its voice to address when women are killed for being LBGTI, because “it is not African to be gay.”  And therefore society finds it to be wrong.

Feminism to me is having the freedom to do what I want, say what I want and live my life without hearing “but you are a woman.” “Sit like this” “dress this way”. Truth of the matter is, women are put in glass jars and expected to act according to standards that have been pre-determined. We are expected to say things in a way that won’t make us seem like we are questioning the man, who is the head.

I read a thread of tweets the other day, where a man was saying how feminism has ruined the family values. I kid you not; he was reasoning how the dynamics of family life were being trampled upon by the movement. Yes, he called feminism a movement by bitter women. The family dynamics have often favored men, which is why now when women want to stand up and work and have dreams and not be subjected to the norm-being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen it seems to most that women are rebelling. Rebelling was one word he used I think.

If we view feminism as being foreign and something that’s bad and ruining lives and destroying families and making women rebellious man-hating individuals, how then will women reach their full potential? How then will women have a voice?

Most say feminism is a western concept because that’s what a lot of people conclude when they don’t understand or are not welcoming something. We blame the first world, but truth is feminism is very much African. The following Is an excerpt from msafropolitan;as an interest group, African feminism set off in the early twentieth century with women like Adelaide Casely-Hayford, the Sierra Leonian women’s rights activist referred to as the “African Victorian Feminist” who contributed widely to both pan-African and feminist goals, Charlotte Maxekewho in 1918 founded the Bantu Women’s League in South Africa and Huda Sharaawi who in 1923 established the Egyptian Feminist Union. African feminism as a movement stems also from the liberation struggles especially those in Algeria, Mozambique, Guinea, Angola and Kenya where women fighters fought alongside their male counterparts for state autonomy and women’s rights.” These of course are just some of the many African women feminists from years back who many choose to be ignorant about.

To sum up, feminism to me is the happiness and success of women worldwide. It is the hope that one day women won’t be considered inferior. Feminism to me is a way of life.

Kearoma Desiree Mosata is a struggling book worm, an actuarial science student in Botswana and a Voices of Youth intern…and a thug sometimes 😉 so wait when we take Africa by storm sometime. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




‘It’s in the click of my heels, the bend of my hair, the palm of my hand,

The need for my care, cause I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman, that’s me.’ Maya Angelou

What are my thoughts on feminism? Let me start by saying, I am neither a feminist nor an activist in the common sense of the word. I am simply a lady with a few ideas what God what thinking when He made women. I have had many people tell me I would make a terrible man and I can hardly object their accurate speculations, I enjoy being a woman and I think the world would be a real bore without us!

I am EVE

Beautiful from toe to sleeve

Adrenaline that excites yet calm like a beautiful song, I relieve

Best believe, I am the gem with which you cannot live

Isn’t it phenomenal that God creates a woman to be an ezer (helper) and yet He, himself also refers to Himself as anezer to mankind. Women are a representation of God in the world. It’s beautiful that God chooses woman as the passage for all mankind, even His very son came to earth through a woman, that’s how much He trusts us. Authentic womanhood begins in the maker of us.How they say that to find the true purpose of a thing, one must ask the maker of that thing? When we behold the face of God, we understand His plan and purpose for our womanhood.

Charm is deceitful

Beauty is vain

But a woman who fears the Lord

She will be praised

I am daily finding the need to appreciate my vulnerable features, my nature as a helper and my beauty as a nurturer. I do not have to prove myself to a man nor play strong to match up to him. I am fashioned for far mightier tasks than He.

I embrace my feminism, I was made for community, I burn with the passion to inspire, to increase you is my heart’s deepest desire. I am a winner in my accord, made uniquely for an independent cause. Glowing and glowing with light from the maker of life.

I think more than fight and lose our feminism, we ought to fight to protect it because our beautiful gift of ‘womanhood’ is at risk. The world has convinced us that surreal standards are our ideal of beauty and yet the true magic sits idly within.

We need to fight to awaken our strength of purpose and improve our sight to look further ahead.

Don’t judge this book by its cover

There’s more within than meets the eye

My shoulders may be narrow and my palms gentle

But my heart is solid and my mind quick

I awake to the beauty of my womanhood, the fullness of my humanity

My gender neither makes me less nor poorer

I am an ezer, a handprint of gold from God to planet earth!

Creation awaits the manifestation of fearless and strong women of God!

I woman beyond the outer crust. The outer frame is quickly fleeting but the beautiful soul of one who has been in communion with her is a priceless treasure.

‘After all those years as a woman hearing, ‘not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not this enough, not that enough,’ almost overnight I woke up one morning and thought, ‘IAM ENOUGH!’ Anna Quindlen

Victoria Acom is a Christian blogger from Uganda.


3/8: A Chauvinists’ View on Feminism [@nevender]



Feminism, where do I start? Maybe with a quick guide to feminist terms.

Misogyny – you hate women

Equality – equal status

Equity – equal opportunities

Misandry – you hate men

However I was wondering, how come the French don’t have the term women? Sorry, I meant womyn. Did they miss the emyncipation?

I speculate and think maybe coz their women, drat, womyn are firm, kinda like terra firma but not farms as you might be misled to think by the other kadongokamu singer.

The men on the other hand to the French, are home. I mean, imagine that. Firm and home make a happy family, not so? Or firm and ohm, again, which makes it electric, but let’s go on.

Anyway, I was talking about feminism. Not languages. Not the Baganda calling their womyn (got it) bakazi, or bakyala or bawala; and the men; basajja, or baami, or balenzi. I mean, there would be no way to protest the men, (myn?) by changing the ‘a’ or ‘e’ to a ‘y’. No precedent.

So, does feminism make the most sense only in English? Is the mynia an English thing? Is it humyn? Can it be applied in mynagement? Romnyce? Military so that we have commynders and commyndos?

I am honestly trying to stay on the safe side of feminism. Coz sometimes it feels like you’re in or you’re dead. No time to understand, just to agree! I mean what could be clearer than this? Male chauvinist pigs, we’re many; I never hear of female chau…well I can’t even finish that statement.

See, sometimes, it feels like The Black Panther Party. You’re too scared to send your daughter there or even yourself because you fear she might die in the struggle. You feel like these blacks are too bold and lil old me is not that bold. You’re not Huey Newton or Bobby Seale or Malcom X. The idea sounds good but it just got too militant. I know a sister gon say something about, the oppressor wanting you to feel lightly about your slavery. Sistah I know the slavery. I am not sure I wanna lose my life dying in this struggle!

Other times, it feels like a Venus fly trap. Like, brother just start on this subject and we gon take you to school! We gon’ eat you alive… (Somebody ask me where I got this American sound from, I donno but it feels about appropriate!) You see the Venus Fly Trap sits and waits for some lilo old fly to land and then whaaaam!! No warning, no siren, no nothing! Wham! Gone!

I mean what about a little civility in this struggle? How about a little Myndela-ism. How about some Ghandism. Or some Mother Teresaism. Better yet some Jesus-ism. Coz I know y’all got issue with the Christian on this issue! You don’t hear me do you!?

Can’t we all just get along. Can’t I lift you up when you need equal opportunity and you the same me? Now, don’t start, I know your argument. I am the one who endured and listened to your preaching. What do you say to me who has listened?

Dear Feminist?

Joel B. Ntwatwa is a Ugandan veteran blogger.