We Should All Be Humanists


Praise God brethren. The last time I started like this I had decided I could not go on being an angry feminist. Today, I had another change of heart altogether. The Lord has been purging my life and we have come to this; we should all be humanists.

I have recently engaged with mansplainers humanists and I decided that the Lord really does speak through his people. This feminism thing is trash tbh. Too much noise for so many petty issues. The other day, someone was complaining about the groom being told to kiss the bride without asking if she actually wants to be kissed or do the kissing. Imagine. Syria could be burning and these humans would be talking about consent with your damn wife. Trifling.

Anyway, my driving point here is not bashing feminism even though as humanists that’s what we spend most of our energy on, it is to tell you how you can be a humanist. For the most part, being a humanist is really easy because weeeell, all you have to do is be human. Just live. Because that’s really all there is to life. Live! No mythical systems of oppression what what. You see, the problem with these feminists is that they have a victim mentality. They think the whole world is out to get them. Mans embraces chivalry, they call it sexist. Mans is Bible believing what what who doesn’t think gay people are as human as he is because Leviticus, mans is a bigot. Mans asks how he can be involved in feminism, mans has to google. Mans breathes, mans is trash. Why exactly would you want to be associated with people who have no respect for the male ego our humanity?

I say let’s all be humanists. We preach peace and love and tolerance for all of our bigoted and misogynistic different opinions. But mostly we just sit back and enjoy life as conventionally as possible. We can applaud when others say Black Lives Matter, well don’t they? But the truth is all lives matter. We can be really really really sad when we hear about rape victims and domestic violence and child marriage. You know, stuff that’s actually stuff? But to blame a system? It’s a post feminist world really, woman have jobs and stuffs. We shouldn’t get hysterical.

I’m fairly new at this humanist stuffs so I can’t offer much information, but yea sounds just about more awesome than violent peoples.


5 thoughts on “We Should All Be Humanists

  1. Nicholas Atuhairwe

    Well, to be humanist you need to look at values the society believes in. You have to respect the culture of others without compromising yours. As a humanist, you should love, care, Respect and Tolerate.

    Happy New Year 2017


  2. You know were not born a feminist but, at some point in life you decided to be a feminist, yes? Then still in this journey of life you have decided to become humanist. The cycle continues to something I am yet to find out. This is a good read, by the way. I am glad I am living in your generation!


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