Life Hack: How to survive as a Bibliophile in this Economy


Life is hard when you have expensive hobbies, innit?  But thankfully, reading is not. Or so you would expect except this economy won’t let us prosper. Yes, we are not broke, it’s just the economy that is not in favor of our financial resources. Sigh. If you are one of those, and not just a recovering spendthrift, then I come bearing good news. No, it’s not about a miracle baby.

I mean, are you one of those people who like to walk through bookstores and ogle at books for hours on end and end up leaving with only one book or nothing because economy? Is your TBR list always overflowing instead of the proverbial cup in front of your enemies (in which case this would mean the people who have read more than half of your TBR. Yes, how dare they when you haven’t😒). Or is it that you always find yourself choosing to buy raspberry cheese cake and milkshakes so by the time you think of getting the books you want puts you in a position of walking the rest of the month? Bbz, I gatchu.

So here’s the thing, we have to enjoy this life even as the economy is not on our side, right? Right. I guess the first suggestion here should be; download the damn eBook apps. I know, I know. We all prefer paperback but tell that to the economy. They are cheaper except for BOAT(if you know what this is, can we be friends please?) which is the same price as the paperback. Just wow. (P.S: Books by African authors on Okada Books)

The most obvious way to deal with this our economy should be borrowing. Ahem. But lending books is hard. You know, it probably won’t return in the same condition, if at all.


So how to deal with this, earn trust. I dunno how. Read an inspirational book on that or something. But then, the most effective way to do this is actually exchanging books. And not just taking. So er…you gots to have some of your own bbz. Haha, talk about that with your financial advisor but I recommend adding at least one book a month to your leverage.

Also, make friends with bibliophiles. They always know how to get the books to you or know of good deals. Oh, book clubs. You’ll find some there. Or on bookstagram. Or Good Reads. Or Litsy. Whatever.

Anyway, we all know that’s gibberish. The most important thing to do in this economy is to find a glucose guardian. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get one but if you know, please share😭.

But  if none of the above works, play Sudoku.(I feel like I can write an inspirational book now hihi)





5 thoughts on “Life Hack: How to survive as a Bibliophile in this Economy

  1. Here is the thing, I know a glucose guardian, though there are terms and conditions. I don’t if you can handle though. Get out of the BOAT discover the meaning of life. You can write and an inspiration book now? Wow! I know cool people.
    With these useful tips, I can now face the economy. Esther, I thank you!


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