Authenticity over perfection


Adulting, as we have all come to realise-this is not up for discussion – is a trap. A trap we more than eagerly fall into. Work, like Bukowski says, gives an illusion of meaning but on close inspection, there’s little to no meaning in a 9-5.

Idle thoughts.

Let’s talk about seeking and speaking your truth as was the plan.

The honesty of kids(for the most part) is quite refreshing. The absurdity of this though, is that we were all once like that and everyone took it in good faith. What changed? We went to school and learnt ‘proper’ manners. The teacher asked the class how they are and we learned to chorus back “very well, thank you”. It did not matter whether you had just run into a bully or if you would rather be anywhere but. You were always “very well” or fine, to mention but one of how we became these mannequins for people.

Also, it is a “thing” to be emotionless. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged. I’m sure we have all heard the famous “keep your personal life away from work” and it’s little unfeeling cousins. They-  (I personally dislike ‘They’. He’s such a coward argh)-argue that it makes you look weak.

And that’s the untold story of how we lost authenticity while striving for perfection.

While it is very possible to achieve this perfection(like Harvey Spectre did a few times before season 5. God! I loved season 5, all emotional and stuff. Wait,  we were talking about some serious business. Fine men to the left in the name of Jesus) it kills authenticity of you as a person because in principle, you are not being true to yourself.

I censor emotion 85% of the time (I know y’all who read this blog probably think I’m an emotional wreck. Apparently, you are the only ones with that opinion πŸ˜‚) because it is safe, right? We all want to be ‘strong’ and all those lies ‘They’ has fed us for oh so long.

*Sigh. This seems to be beyond me. Sheryl Sandberg made it sound so easy and I feel like I am complicating it. Let me look for divine inspiration and finish this tomorrow(I know, I feel like a pastor preaching on a ‘series’. And so with that brethren(hi Lizzy tihihi) let’s meet and hopefully finish this tomorrow.


23 thoughts on “Authenticity over perfection

  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hahaha the brethren thing is going round. Ripple effect! Conformity, conformity, conformity( repeating this thrice just like radio stations in Nigeria) is what ‘ they’ try to teach us at school

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  2. All these school stuff made me so bad with emotions. Am now in phase were I can’t even mean it when I say I miss you, those emotions are secured somewhere very far where I can take even mooonths fetching them.
    (I can still relate to Harvey, like how we thought he had no emotions for the whole 4 seasons and then they came out crawling on the 5th, that may be me at timesπŸ˜•

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