It’s a good day to be a good day😊. Lovers of good music, spoken word, poetry and hip-hop that’s not about some gang and drugs, my people the feminists, I am sharing five beautiful songs/poems you should absolutely add to your playlists.

Depth of Her by Mike256. The song whose title I have stolen(I hope this is not punishable. Please please please. But if it is, *side eye* what if I also came up with it after much thinking?πŸ˜‚) Seriously though, it’s not everyday a rapper commits to a cause so worthy, God! It is so brilliantly feminist and if I was not dying to share the amazing poets, I would end here(Please continue πŸ™‚

β€œTo me where the wild things are is a place that exists in our minds. It is a place of liberty, shamelessness. It takes a split second of our lifetime to find it but once you do, you will be free.” Need I say more? You know Alessia Cara, right? Well if you do, my work here is done. If you don’t, I’ll tell you something; she’s positively empowering. For everyone.

Dzyadzorm: Ghanaian spoken word poet(Thank you Tchassa😘, y’all need a bae like mine πŸ˜‰ ). She sounds somewhat like Temwani. Or so I thought. If you do not have the patience (or the data) to listen to this now, do yourself this one favor and read OBAA BONI; a poem your children’s children should read(my own words). Stay, the poem I have shared, is what you would call 3am heartbreak material(again borrowing a title; Marisa Crane’s this time round).

And then my new obsession, Poetra Asantewa…When I first listened to her, I thought it was a hook before the spoken word would come on; that was on ‘All Love’. It’s all jazz and feely(I know it’s not a word). Oh my God, ‘Masked Commoners‘ is going to hit you right between the eyes with truths you’ve been shying away from. I warn you, you listen to it and you might need it like you need your morning coffee. Also, you should really really really listen to Poetry Ain’t Shit. Okay the whole album Motherfuckitude: The Naked Ones.

Missing and Loving by APass. I’m going to get over this song one day. I promise.

Feel free to recommend M.E some good good music. Happy listening folk.






8 thoughts on “DEPTH OF HER

  1. I have some two amazing songs on my phone; I got em from Bwo but I dont know the titles…lol. But these two songs have literally changed my life, or they do change my life evrytime i play them.


  2. oluchee

    If we’re voting, i pick Wild things – Alessia Cara. But we’re not. Lol. How I love that girl. Her songs open my heart out. Beautiful musicπŸ˜„

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