Some of this music doesn’t heal. But well, who said it was meant to? It’s absurd that on a day like this you’re listening to Daughtry and reading The Pleasures of the Damned. Did they not tell you that’s suicidal? Do you feel suicidal?

You will come away bruised
but this will give you poetry

The bruising will shatter
The bruising will shatter into
black diamond
No-one will sit beside you in class.
Maybe your life will work
Maybe it won’t at first
but that 
will give you poetry

-Yrsa Daley-Ward

Does that make you feel better? Somehow? No? A couple of hundred words won’t cut it? So it’s not about what you want to hear, is it? It’s lunch break now. Why don’t you take a walk down the street and grab a little sunshine? No, it’s not going to bloom flowers in your heart and you won’t come back smiling petals. Or maybe you will, I can’t be sure. You’re quite mercurial I can never tell. But go, it is good for you. Yes, it has a lot to do with you being here alone drowning in your thoughts and that music. Good God, here. Have my iPod. No, there’s not much music your style. A lot of Zambian and Kenyan music I don’t understand either but it’s good for your dancing soul. Here, take a walk down the street. Oh, and for God’s sake don’t read Bukowski when you’re feeling suicidal. I’ll borrow the book. Pick it when you’re back.


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