Over a Cup of Kawa


If we were having coffee(which would be very necessary now that it’s quite cold), I’d ask how your week has been. Boy! I have had one long week but it’s over and we are stronger, right? I even breathed some “holy air” like Ruth put it(translation: might have been a really gorgeous human being or something like that.) I also ran into some ghosts and I didn’t even turn the other way. It’s like “Oh, this too?” in a very bored voice as though telling life, “You’ve fired your best shots and these are just rubber bullets.”

That reminds me, the other day (the other day, contextually speaking, could mean anything from last month to yesteryear but it sounds like something sophisticated people use. “The other day I was in Venice…” “The other day I received a call from the Presidents’ office…” “The other day I was reading Esther’s blog…” See? So I’m going to use it too.) What were we saying? Oh yes, the other day I found out that Scott unraveled after his novel, The Great Gatsby, made it big. Apparently, he was trying so hard to write something just as good or even better and it was not coming along as expected so he drowned In alcohol and wrote screenplays for a living. It was funny and sad at the same time. Funny because he, apparently, bought the remaining copies of the book. Wait, what was my point? Oh yes, best shots being fired and being left with rubber bullets. Is there a point in the point? Don’t ask (but I strongly recommend you ruminate on that if you like to write).

The other day, a very strange child was left in my care. It’s a universally known fact I’m not THAT good with kids but lately, I try. I’m even almost through with learning to teach Sunday school (and by almost I don’t mean two or three months. That said, we shall not discuss how long ‘almost’ stands for). Apart from the fact that I missed my first visitation day as a big sister(Poor child was heartbroken. Okay, maybe not but I made up for it anyway.) I have been on my best behavior with kids so when I say the child was strange, I do not exaggerate. He’s about five and he neither talks nor laughs. I lie, but only just a bit. He knows common courtesy, “Thank you”, “Good morning”…but that’s just about it. He has full conversations only with himself and watches SpongeBob with a straight face. You just cannot trust people who don’t find SpongeBob funny. That’s my point, hope you’re enjoying your coffee.

Anha! of strange people, I watched this TED talk where I was more intrigued by the architecture of the lady’s outfit than what she was saying. It looked like it belonged on the Star Wars set but who I’m I to judge?  The talk was about being yourself but I don’t remember much, if anything for that matter. I got the point though, from her outfit that is.

I probably like you. I’m chatty around people I like. Or maybe I’m on a sugar high who knows? It appears that at this point, I’d bite my tongue and ask you about your strange encounters lately. I’d then wish you a beautiful week and remind you to be yourself in a world that has a template of who you should be. And like Dorbell says;

As you go through life, Falk, there will be no shortage of people who will tell you how to live. They’ll have all the answers for you, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do. Don’t argue with them. You know, say “Yes, that’s a brilliant, brilliant idea,” and then do what you want.

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3 thoughts on “Over a Cup of Kawa

  1. do you read your own blog?
    have you been to Venice?
    Ever got a call from the president’s office?
    questions I have after this cup of kawa? I assume coffee is kawa

    funny story just the other day, had to babysit my twin nephews who are both one year and three months old each ^_^
    they don’t talk cause they can’t talk yet
    one laughs a lot and the other has this chilled Zen expression doesn’t smile much even if you tickle him, that’s how I tell them apart and their mum dresses them in initialed clothes so that too
    funny story when they turned One she ordered twin chocolate cakes and asked the cake lady to write happy birthday on both of them…

    that’s what was written on the cakes
    Happy Birthday On Both Of Them

    it was hilarious as you can imagine.


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