Debrief of sorts


Sometimes the rain gives me hope.

It has been a long dry spell and along with it a massive heat wave. The sun shone like an angry co-wife. Maybe it was angry, who knows?

There was a petition to challenge the results of the presidential election but as it turns out, the incumbent will celebrate 35 years in power in 2021 :(. I feel like it’s a question of how badly we want the change. Or maybe we have grown accustomed to the state of affairs, it’s called resignation? I think so. The first time the police shot people, innocent people, in Kasese we exclaimed. We couldn’t breathe. But now we can, it’s just another feature on the news. Besides there is not much we can do, or is there?

I did not know about Kehlani till the internet rained down on her. I think that is how the internet can end your life. Infact she did attempt to end her life and the internet went down on her some more for it. It’s a despicable thing. Having the nerve to dismiss someone’s pain because self righteous people think they cannot cheat. I believe if you have ever been tempted to cheat or been in a situation where you had the chance to and did not, if you have never felt the world close in on you and death seemed a worthy escape, don’t be so judgemental. Or maybe it’s the price of fame.

The other day, a man hijacked a plane for his ex. When I hear love songs like “I’ll catch a grenade for you” I’d think it’s only metaphorical. No, there are people who hijack planes. I don’t know what to make of this. Truthfully, it scares me that someone can want you that much. I don’t find it sweet or romantic though. I find it…needful. Needful love. But what do I know, I’ve only ever loved myself so strongly <3.

You’re probably wondering how all this is related, or now that I mention it you start to wonder. It is not. I have independent drafts of each hihi, so I just decided to crush them all into one. Genius, yes I feel genius πŸ™‚

How was your March good people? Oh, I loved mine.

Anyway, Happy new month folks. Grind. Achieve. Repeat. And treat yourself like a royal, you are one. Blessings.

Writing Song: Wild Things | Alessia Cara


10 thoughts on “Debrief of sorts

  1. I love, love, love these random unconnected drafts thrown together. I mean, why not #GeniusYou! How can one not think about them independently then…? A happy New Month to you too. Back to that grind!!!

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