Three days ago, journeying to Uhuru land was not in my plans but well, I’m the queen of all spontaneity. But my journey is not the story, it’s this self entitled moron I met at the border(No, I’m not taking that back till you know why I have the guts to insult him.)

So, at the Malaba border trying to clear for departure. I will not talk about how rude the immigration officers can be because they are probably over worked. Let’s cut them some slack. Except, this incident was brought about by a Kenyan woman officer who was shouting at everyone! Good Lord!

Anyway, there is a group of teachers on their way to Bungoma* for a one day conference so this lady clears all of them first. Then enters the moron(Of course I did not think of him as such before the incident. I mean, he is all tall and rocking that denim). He goes to the lady to clear. The lady, of course, talks as if to a stadium saying she cleared the lot of them and he should get out of her sight. It turns out he is also going to Bungoma for a one day thing but is not part of the teachers. He turns to walk away but not before asserting that he is not one of them. That’s not my problem though. My problem is this statement he makes in his assertion.

“I am an engineer. They are teachers.”

Very condescendingly I must add, much to the amusement of the onlookers. Nobody was at all bothered or moved by this remark. I was in my shock alone. Life moved on for everyone but I’m here still turning that moment over in my head and the different ways I could have put some brain into this engineer’s head. Does that happen to you? When you think of all the best comebacks 5 years later? Anyway here’s my cool headed response(I’ll just keep it on my blog in case he happens to be wise enough to read it, I’ll forgive him. But I guess he doesn’t deal with writers much either.)

So Mr.Engineer, you were probably born with that title of yours that earns you a check ey? How could I, the one who did not do four years at uni, think for one second that you even needed someone to teach you the alphabet? Silly me, of course you’re a genius. You did all this complex Mathematics, the world deserves to know! I mean, those lecturers remained at the uni. You? You’re building roads and constructing…ah, I forget. My unqualified opinion on your job description. I’ll end it there. All I know is those teachers got nothing on you. The pay check spells it out ever so clearly, doesn’t it? You just go ahead and build us those beautiful roads, after all, that must be what building a nation entails. Those poor people! They have to take care of pesky little things that might even be your children but well, you have big responsibilities that involve signing contracts and important documents. What do they know about the burden of a responsibility, huh? All they sign are useless assignments and those laughable disciplinary cards.

Ah, Mr.Engineer did I call you a moron? I repent in dust and ashes, it must be those useless poems I read taking their toll. You sir, surely know that you are anything other than that. I was just overstating the importance of these good for nothing teachers. In fact I forgot to laugh when those people laughed at your little joke, now is a perfect time to tell you how funny you are. We need people who think like you, you know. Do I hear someone calling out your arrogance? Ah, those judgemental people who don’t know how to take a light hearted joke! They must be of some lesser profession too. Let’s leave them to their bitterness. Carry on with your air of self importance. Not everyone who has a university degree got a title along with it. Carry on. In the meantime, I’ll go sleep. The lack of it may be the cause of this address.

*Bungoma town is a 30-minute drive from Malaba.



  1. He really got you Huh?
    Lol at 5year come back
    My occasional best friend is an engineer, lucky for me I always know what to say when he tries to make it Engineer Universe over here.

    Nice rant..
    I want Simon Kaheru to comment on my posts when I grow up!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Engineers!!! I’ve dated 2 of them…..and maybe that’s why I’m now single lol.

    I once knew a woman who dragged girls trying to date her son because he was a “doctor” and they worked these foolish jobs! Her son’s opening line when meeting girls was always, “I’m a doctor…” He was still single last I checked!

    Liked by 1 person

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