24967940305_f7e1a36d13_kThe right side of my chest feels worn out,

like an overworked spindle,

my body reiterates from an invisible force.

Slow short breaths. Exhausted.

I see nothing, feel nothing

but a cold wind gently caressing my near naked body.

Flashes of a seared memory, in black and white,

in fast muted succession.


I don’t want to see this.

Howling. Riveting.

The world closes in, grows smaller by the minute.

You don’t wish it away; you don’t explain it in a day.

It’s a nightmare, but without the night

A dream that goes wrong with every twist and turn

the feeling gets lost, in a deep dark pool of piety,

begs to be shelved at the sight of day.

Slow short breaths. Exhausted.

The myriad of golden beauty pouring in as morning sun,


I recoil, in hopes that it’s a sequel to the torment.

It’s not.

Excruciatingly, but with stiff determination

I live through the night, they call it life.

Slow short breaths. Exhausted.


4 thoughts on “NIGHTMARES

  1. “You don’t wish it away, you don’t explain it in a day”..
    How do you do that even?
    I wanna write poetry like you when I grow up…

    Here is to you 🍹and your ability to create magic with words

    Liked by 1 person

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