I don’t like to discuss issues I strongly believe in because discussion, in it’s full meaning, gives room for criticism and contradiction but I decided to go out on a limb and open up the discussion on feminism for 8 straight days. I cannot say I enjoyed it, I do not like explaining myself which I found quite inevitable but I do not regret it. I have learnt a lot more than I knew before the start of March. I have been forced to read more and not simply have baseless convictions, but also because it’s always good to find out the why and how of other people who share the same/contrary views. Now if you are wondering what this is about, you’ll have to go through Day 1 where someone was trying to figure out feminism, Day 2 where it was all civility, Day 3 where the ideology of feminism was questioned, Day 4 was a Christian perspective, Day 5 I shared my encounter with a feminist, Day 7 which sought to explain feminism. Yes, there was no Day 6 but that’s a story for another day. Take note that all were guest blogs save for Day 5 so I may or may not agree with them.

You see, the thing with feminism is that it is stereotyped as a movement with angry females who want men to cut off their balls and grow boobs. Yes, someone told me that. But allow me digress, we’ll talk woman today(In my mind though, it’s literally one and the same but I hope that gets you off your guard a little. I don’t know why people are always ready for war when it’s feminist talk though). So woman, it is.

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m not big on days like this because, why should it be one day in the year when you celebrate the women in your life? The history of Women’s Day makes for a good read by the way, and as much as I believe women(and people generally) should be celebrated everyday I understand the significance of such days. I like that the women who have made it are celebrated and those whose stories we never hear are shared.

namelessToday, though, I’d like to celebrate nameless faceless women. Yes, they have faces and names but they might never make it to the list of people we celebrate on social media or tell our children to be like. These, the women who shelved their dreams to raise their children. These, the women whose only identification is the name by their Mrs. These, the women who were forced to fit in the one-size-fits-all notions of when they should get married. These, the women who have learnt to put their opinions second place or simply dismiss them. These, the women who have known the shame of being disgraced while their children watch. These, the women who have no option but to sell their bodies for a penny. These, the women hanging onto broken marriages to see their children grow up with mother and father figures. These, the women in the market place. These, the waitresses and bar tenders who lost the right to complain when touched inappropriately by male customers. These, the women who will not be celebrated today because their capacity to effect change in a ‘meaningful’ way has been crippled. These, the women whose dreams consist of nothing but a man because they were taught to think that way. These, the nameless faceless women who beauty is not show-stopping who have been convinced they owe the world a pretty face and are desperately trying to fit in. These, the women who’d like to be celebrated but don’t see how…

faceless..Dear nameless faceless woman, we’re in this together. We’re figuring this out. Feminism is not where it was 50 years ago. It used to be a defensive, now it’s an offensive. We are speaking up for you, finding your name and putting a face to it. We celebrate you. Everyday. Happy Women’s Day.





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