3/8: A Chauvinists’ View on Feminism [@nevender]



Feminism, where do I start? Maybe with a quick guide to feminist terms.

Misogyny – you hate women

Equality – equal status

Equity – equal opportunities

Misandry – you hate men

However I was wondering, how come the French don’t have the term women? Sorry, I meant womyn. Did they miss the emyncipation?

I speculate and think maybe coz their women, drat, womyn are firm, kinda like terra firma but not farms as you might be misled to think by the other kadongokamu singer.

The men on the other hand to the French, are home. I mean, imagine that. Firm and home make a happy family, not so? Or firm and ohm, again, which makes it electric, but let’s go on.

Anyway, I was talking about feminism. Not languages. Not the Baganda calling their womyn (got it) bakazi, or bakyala or bawala; and the men; basajja, or baami, or balenzi. I mean, there would be no way to protest the men, (myn?) by changing the ‘a’ or ‘e’ to a ‘y’. No precedent.

So, does feminism make the most sense only in English? Is the mynia an English thing? Is it humyn? Can it be applied in mynagement? Romnyce? Military so that we have commynders and commyndos?

I am honestly trying to stay on the safe side of feminism. Coz sometimes it feels like you’re in or you’re dead. No time to understand, just to agree! I mean what could be clearer than this? Male chauvinist pigs, we’re many; I never hear of female chau…well I can’t even finish that statement.

See, sometimes, it feels like The Black Panther Party. You’re too scared to send your daughter there or even yourself because you fear she might die in the struggle. You feel like these blacks are too bold and lil old me is not that bold. You’re not Huey Newton or Bobby Seale or Malcom X. The idea sounds good but it just got too militant. I know a sister gon say something about, the oppressor wanting you to feel lightly about your slavery. Sistah I know the slavery. I am not sure I wanna lose my life dying in this struggle!

Other times, it feels like a Venus fly trap. Like, brother just start on this subject and we gon take you to school! We gon’ eat you alive… (Somebody ask me where I got this American sound from, I donno but it feels about appropriate!) You see the Venus Fly Trap sits and waits for some lilo old fly to land and then whaaaam!! No warning, no siren, no nothing! Wham! Gone!

I mean what about a little civility in this struggle? How about a little Myndela-ism. How about some Ghandism. Or some Mother Teresaism. Better yet some Jesus-ism. Coz I know y’all got issue with the Christian on this issue! You don’t hear me do you!?

Can’t we all just get along. Can’t I lift you up when you need equal opportunity and you the same me? Now, don’t start, I know your argument. I am the one who endured and listened to your preaching. What do you say to me who has listened?

Dear Feminist?

Joel B. Ntwatwa is a Ugandan veteran blogger.


7 thoughts on “3/8: A Chauvinists’ View on Feminism [@nevender]

  1. subtleroyalty

    I’ll drop in my comment first today 🙂
    “Can’t we all just get along?” Yes we can. If only people do not stereotype feminists…
    “Can’t I lift you up when you need equal opportunity and you the same me?” This question implies there are times when we don’t need equal opportunity…which should be revised. Like Chimamanda said we can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend all is okay. It is not okay.
    “What do you say to me who has listened?” We are on day 3/8…keep listening 🙂
    Otherwise, I like what you did there with the ‘womyn’, made me laugh while I contemplated other things that I could get arrested for.

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  2. Petesmama

    LOL, Nev! I hear you! There can be such angry feminists sometimes you wonder if you’ve attended the wrong meeting. But then you can’t tell them they’re angry coz you’ll get schooled about their struggle. Best to smile and wave, Nev. Smile and wave.

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  3. Dear non feminist,
    It’s not an angry mob over here
    We are actually pretty calm and collected…
    We are however choose to check out of oblivion..
    That there is no such thing as gender based sidelining, or that the average woman will more than often than not be stuck in a place because she happens to be the bearer of a pair of girls.. 😊.
    We don’t hide from the fact that the exception not the norm of the men still hold us on some objectified pedal stall
    Can we all just get a long? Sure thing!
    But can we not be oblivious either?

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