1/8: Feminism In Not Less Than 500 Word [@BenjaahEdwards]



Challenge accepted. I am supposed to share my thoughts on feminism. Shall I say that I am happy you are reading this blog post. But you people, what is feminism? Seriously. Without checking the dictionary or Google. What comes to your mind? Is it a group of ladies emphasizing female domination over men? Is it an attempt for the female species to be equal to their male counterparts? (This last question is wrong on all counts because it implies that they are not.) Let me lay it bare for you. I believe we are all created in the image of God. I respect my sisters. Without you we wouldn’t have had an entry point into God’s earth. You are often the only ones who maintain sanity in a home. I respect that we each have different roles and those shouldn’t divide us. If you understand the purpose of life and that each one contributes something unique to the universe, then you know we should not be at each other’s throats.

Let me find the online dictionary definition of this word before I start wandering off to the female emancipation movement. Wait. I have to wonder like many men whether the emancipation movement has had a more negative or positive impact on society. If we were in a school debate, I am sure many of you would have taken sides and given you ten or so points in defence of your opinions.

That definition!




the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation, female emancipation, women’s rights; informal women’s lib

Let me tell you a short story. My grandmother told me that she was the most hardworking village belle from Dokolo. My grandfather, even though they were in love, had to convince his brothers that he was the best candidate. She told me that if her brothers had said no to our grandfather, she would have willingly obeyed and married the man they preferred.

I believe it is the right of everyone to choose a marriage partner. However, I believe in my grandparents’ days, that is all they knew and it was okay. It was their tradition. We only look at it as an oppression now because we have gone to school and have been indoctrinated. I think feminism is a result of an enlightenment brought about by the contact Africans had with the whites. First, they came after our gods. (I don’t even subscribe to those gods.) Then they came for our polygamy. Most men will ask, why deprive us of this luxury – after all, there are more women than men? After that, women were to have an education and even start eating beef and eggs as opposed to what some traditions. Don’t shoot me just yet. I am asking questions. Remember I said I wish for all to be free to do what is right.

As a modern-day man, I feel coerced into saying I am pro-feminism just because nowadays, anyone who has a different opinion on the subject is branded a male chauvinist. If you are lucky, they’ll simply call you backward. We don’t want to be on the wrong side of history. So, fall in we must.

The loose ends on this whole female emancipation thing is that it has successfully made many who have endured the brutality of insecure men give up on relationships. They will make it alone. Who needs a man in their lives anyway? They will bear children with friends with benefits but won’t need the man in their lives. I have met women who are hard-headed. They are all about pushing their opinions down your throat. I am definitely giving you the extremes. The fact that many men now want independent women doesn’t help this phenomenon at all. If the emancipation elevated both women and men to a place where they each know they are partners in life, I’d have no problem.

Let me share another short story. This is not uncommon in many of our villages. This particular story was shared by my aunt. She told me of her neighbor, a lady who toiled to carryout farming, the marketing of her produce and then purchasing her plot of land after saving money from the profits. Unfortunately, because she was a suppressed woman, she registered the land in the name of her husband. The drunkard sold off this piece of land and squandered the money.

Stories like this serve as a justification for the emancipation. No women should have to endure this. Some men do not even allow their wives who carryout most of the farming to be involved in the marketing process.

At this moment I am so sure that I am way past 500 words. Enlighten me where I am wrong. Let’s have a healthy discussion.

Benjaah Edwards’ personal blog is here. I’ll just add that he sings too. Check out his music here. Oh he also insisted on the title. Now dive in with your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “1/8: Feminism In Not Less Than 500 Word [@BenjaahEdwards]

  1. Ah feminism…so many have tried to make it a dirty word. But it isn’t. Just like Chimamanda says (see how I use one name like she is my bestie from Soroti), we should all be feminists. Everyone should be free to live their best life. Whatever life that is. Whether its becoming an astronaut or a stay at home mother or a trophy wife or president. Do you boo. That’s feminism.

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  2. Feminism is not as difficult as humans make it seem. it simply preaches that human beings are equal, must get same reward for efforts exerted, must be able to exercise their rights equally and have mutual respect for one another. its pretty basic. we all spent 9 months in the womb, you show up with a penis i showed up with a vagina. why must you be revered and i not?

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