Dear Reader,

I cannot begin to tell you how long February has been. God! It felt like a year but then who I’m I kidding? Every month is literally like that πŸ™‚ but not March. I have been excited for March from, I think, 5th Feb. Do not worry you’ll be sharing in my excitement soon. After a moment(s) of self reflection, going back and forth in internal monologues, the first day of March will be the day I hit the track. They call it working out? Yeah, I think so. *Sigh. That’s not exciting in the least but here’s what makes up for it:

I’m having coffee with talented writers(wait all writers are talented I take that back) on my blog and we are discussing *wait for it….*



Yes, yes. I’m hosting their uncensored views and opinions. I won’t lie, some you’ll want to kill, others you won’t help but agree, some you’ll just shrug and move on but the point; I have collected them all! The chauvinist, the radicals, the one who couldn’t care less, the civil one, the one desperately trying to understand…these are spoilers even. I have sadly failed to come up with a cool hashtag but hell who cares? Okay, I do but I’ve decided not to :). 8 days of Feminism starting tomorrow. Engage in the dialogue, just don’t set my comments’ section on fire. Please. The authorities deliver teargas faster than those fire people(so I hear).

March is going to be LIT! I’m so excited. Oh and if I chicken out of this work out business, I’ll be sure to let you know(but pray for me not to, okay?)


And because I’m super excited, I’ve decided to do a hand written note πŸ™‚

Yes, so everyday for the next 8 days; feminism talk over coffee or tea or lemonade. Whatever. I hope you are as excited as I am and ready to have a new beginning with your goals in March. Oh and please do come out of the shadows and drop in your comments, if not ever, just for the 8 days. Let’s celebrate, understand, decry or dampen this thing called Feminism together.

Treat yourself like a royal, you are one πŸ™‚

❀ XOXO ❀ ,

That Writer Chic



25 thoughts on “March!!!!

  1. What work out are you going to do? Jogging, skipping, biking, insanity, T25, cheza, swimming?

    I’ve been working out or attempting to for 3 years and only got a break through in my third year.

    I tried skipping and failed. I didn’t bother with jogging cause I hate jogging.
    So I tried that famous insanity work out. Which is by far the most insane work out I ever tried. Unfortunately the results were slow.
    In my last year, I tried T25. It’s a 25minute work out and I enjoyed it and finally saw some results.

    Obviously I had to cut out sweets, sodas and any other kind of junk. Drink lots more water than I usually did, stay away from alcohol and get enough sleep. πŸ™ˆ

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    • subtleroyalty

      Jogging(as decided by my skinny friends 😦 without discussion haha) but I’m getting serious on my dance routines too. Aye! those routines leave me breathless but I prefer them to jogging. Please. So I’m going jogging to preserve the ‘spirit of community’ with my friends. If it were up to me, dancing any day πŸ™‚
      But thanks for dropping by and offering much needed advice πŸ™‚


  2. Hahahaha exercising..
    Just today I was trying to come up with a jogging routine with my friend, I hope I can follow through…
    Excited about the feminism, your comment section definitely needs that insurance policy against fire.
    Because honey it’s gonna burn

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    • subtleroyalty

      Oh if it’s with a friend you will. Burden’s lighter with friends πŸ™‚ but if it doesn’t haha I’ve laughed at you already πŸ˜‰
      Kati now as my lawyer, what do we do for the flames? haha

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  3. yey welcome to team fitness…. its not meant to be fun, its suppose to make you stronger!! if its not making you stronger its killing you whoop whoop… i am going to make that my opening speech in The Fitness Club I shall tart and be head fitness instructor
    First rule of the Fitness Club you do not talk about the Fitness Club If anyone asks you how you got so fit you just wink
    Second rule of the Fitness Club you do not talk about the Fitness Club if anyone asks you why your running shoes have got holes in them tell them they are an old pair
    Third rule of the Fitness Club you do not talk about the Fitness Club if anyone asks you were you disappear of to between the hours of 4 and 6 In The Morning just say you sleep walk
    Fourth rule of the Fitness Club you do not talk about the Fitness Club if anyone asks you why you are drinking so much water, just say its a new diet
    Fifth rule of the Fitness Club…. If its your first day you run until your heart pumps battery acid

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    • But Uncle B’ (Hihi I had so much fun typing that)
      How then are we to bask in the glory of our vanity if we can’t say anything?
      But you had me at sleep walking… So I will guess I will shut up

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      • hahahaha the results should speak for themselves,(and if they dont no one will ask you awkward questions) you walk into the room with a bounce in your step knowing that you are the fittest person in the room, the fact that you are only person in the room wont stop you from basking in the glory of your vanity…..
        You workout and keep mum.

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  4. This resolution I made to make comment whenever possible is going to get me writing about feminism? What’s a man to do? Is a comment in this section enough or do I have to post a whole blog thing thingie? And what IS the hashtag?

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    • subtleroyalty

      haha the comments section is enough. I wasn’t clever enough to come up with a hashtag but it’s themed ‘8 days of Feminism’


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