The Liebster Award


I have been nominated for this award by the sniff out queen, Sinawo. I particularly agree with her answer to question 7 😉

Rules of the award
A blogger can nominate up to 10 other bloggers, then create a post announcing the nomination. The nominated bloggers should have less than 3,000 followers. The first blogger then asks 10 questions to these bloggers. If the nominated bloggers accept, then they create their own post accepting the nomination & linking back to the first blogger, answering the 10 questions, then nominating more bloggers and asking a new set of questions. The award keeps getting passed on so that readers can discover new blogs.


1.What makes you smile without fail?
Unfunny jokes.
2.What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re totally alone?
Eat chocolate(no need to share hihi). Stalk people online hihi. Kidding; write, read, dream, but mostly overthink things. Sometimes dance
3.When was the last time you felt completely proud of your blog?
With every post that I make, I am proud. Completely proud to have my words out there.
4.If you took me out on a bae/friend date, what would we do?
Eat chocolate cake or chocolate almond fudge icecream and laugh about nothing in particular. Talk about things we won’t remember.Anything that takes the seriousness out of life. Or maybe just take a walk on the beach(with chocolate  icecream. Please)
5.Have you ever left someone you still loved?
6.What is your greatest talent?
We’re finding it. Hang in there.
7.What is the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents?
I adore dreads and in two years I’ll be rocking them(they might disown me though hihi)
8.Besides me of course, which other writer would you love to meet in real life?
We’ve been through this enough times.
9.What is the last flirtatious thing you did to attract a crush?
I suck at flirting and I run from my crushes. I find that they probably won’t like me as much as I like them and I can’t deal with that. Please.
10.If you could read minds, whose would you like to read the most?
James Patterson.
11. What is top priority on your bucket list?
Being rich enough to travel the world. (You can judge me if you will)

I nominate the following for the award:
And these are the questions:
1. White or Black? Why?
2. Rain or Sun? Why?
3. Coffee or tea?
4. What keeps you up at night sometimes?
5. Religious? Detail.
6. Something about you that you’re still trying to wrap your head around.
7. Worst habit?
8. Idealistic or Realist?
9. Your best post on my blog. Why? (I’m a little narcissistic sometimes. 😉
10. Do you believe there is that one person out there for you? Like happily ever after and all.

24 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. 1. Black because I hate doing laundry, you can wear black a million and white only once.

    2. Rain because I don’t have enough melanin to keep me from the harsh of the sun, I get sun burnt just thinking about the sun.

    3. I’m not a hot beverage kind of human, give me Oros instead.

    4. When I am worried about something I care about. And running out of money also kinda freaks me out.

    5. Born again Christian.

    6. Why there isn’t just one soulmate for each person. Why must there be like a million and you still only have to choose one. That’s not right.

    7. Pretending I can’t hear people talk to me when I’m listening to music on my earphones. Also talking to the clouds a whole lot. And always cancelling on social get togethers. I forget birthdays and important dates. I don’t listen to voicemail. I am very forgetful.

    8. Very Realistic.

    9. Trivial Thoughts and Crushes. made me laugh and I love how you write in a talking voice.

    10. I don’t know hey. When I have a serious crush though I’m really hopeful but just normal days I’m like love sucks who needs it.

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      • No i dont 🙂

        1. White or Black? Why?
        – black any day. I do NO bright colours. My wardrobe (read pile of clothes) right now could make you wonder if I have any happiness in my life. Lol.

        2. Rain or Sun? Why?
        – Rain. I love coziness. So it calls me to get cozy. Plus i love walking under a drizzle, and i like to feel a little chilly from the rain so i can get to wear a sweater. I love sweaters 🙂
        3. Coffee or tea?
        – Coffee. I dread tea with all my life. Reminds of my dark days..

        4. What keeps you up at night sometimes?
        – Nothing much really… Uuhh reading. From my phone

        5. Religious? Detail.
        – Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

        6. Something about you that you’re still trying to wrap your head around.
        – The sudden unnecessary talking. I used to be dead quiet.

        7. Worst habit?
        – Chewing gum. But i try to be decent about it. And i dont feel bad about it.. Now i dont know if its my worst habit

        8. Idealistic or Realist?
        – Realist. Just so i don’t waste another’s valuable time.

        9. Your best post on my blog. Why? (I’m a little narcissistic sometimes. 😉
        – Shoot! I have bad memory.. Okay… The other recent story on crying about a heartbreak! I loved the way you went all in on the emotion!

        10. Do you believe there is that one person out there for you? Like happily ever after and all.
        – No. Not “that one person”.. I don’t believe there is “the one” i just believe there is someone who will eventually fit into you when u meet them. Otherwise, “the one” means to me that we would all have love at first sight.

        Phew… Thanks for having me share 🙂

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      • subtleroyalty

        haha I like 10. You definitely are a realist 🙂
        Oh I’m a rain person too! And I’m still trying to figure out why my best friend loves sweaters hihi
        Thanks for sharing.

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  2. So far all I managed to pick fro, this was blah blah b;ah chocolate, blah ice cream blah blah chocolate ice cream hahahaha so are you crushing on chocolate oro nah hehehehe
    Thanks for the nomination let me post my response just now
    I am sure they wont disown you for sporting locks I got some too, so we can start a band yey!!!!

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  3. you seem to love cake/chocolate/both. Yesterday I had black velvet cake; that cake made me feel things in places I can’t mention here.
    place: jack and Drews(i think) at forest mall
    price: 12,000=

    i hope you enjoy it more than I did

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