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2:17 am: I’m suffering Writer’s block. How do I know, you ask. These are my hours. I chose them. I own them. It’s the time the creative process gets working. I don’t summon it. It summons me. I simply find myself doing what I love to do. You get the picture, yes? Not tonight though. Not a word from my imaginary friends or the voices in my head. Well why don’t I peacefully go to sleep? You ask. I was going to give you all this crap about respecting my 500 words a day commitment and how I’m all about the writing business so I’m hanging in there but y’all not about that life, are you? So I’m not going to sleep because I’m making rounds on the internet, re-watching Key & Peale and this Trevor guy. So hilarious! Do comedians suffer from comedians’ block?

Oh the trivial thoughts that cross my mind!

But I also go through serious websites you know. Like, 29 ways to say no on the Oxford Dictionaries blog(I figured Bill & Melinda Gates’ 2016 annual letter might not interest you much). I know, not as serious still but well, next time I say ‘nix’ you know where I’ve been ;). Meanwhile instead of bothering you I could be finishing my book. I’ve chosen to bother you though. I got busted sometime and I’ve been nursing my badly wounded ego since. Wait, I’m rushing the story (Progress, now we have a story :).

Let’s start here: I need you guys (my mum has a strong aversion to this word by the way) to drop in your comments on this when I’m through. Deal? Stop right here if it’s no deal.

*Now that you’re going to share your thoughts…*

So here goes: If you go through my archives and date back to my first(like 5) posts, you’ll notice something. Or should I say, someone. I have no intentions of detailing that but there’s something we call a ‘writer crush’. It’s sort of like a writer whose words have the whole Cupid effect on you. Every. Single. Time.

*Just did a quick run to Google to check the unadulterated meaning of the word ‘crush’ and I ask that you ignore some words in the definition. You know, so I can look you in the eye*

On the subject still: There’s this amazing chat that goes on through Sunday on the stweets. It so happened that on this particular Sunday, Sinawo hosted. You know how she’s all about that honest and let-your-words-tell-it-all life? [No, you don’t know unless you’ve been to her blog.] Somehow, she brought up the subject of writer crushes and that’s how my life ended. If you’re of the dull witted lot (I never intended to insult anyone I swear), let me bring you up to speed: I got busted!

*Meanwhile I’m about to hit the 500 words! Even though that’s not the goal*

Before I go on, I’d like to congratulate Sunshine for getting busted as well (still on the hands of Sinawo). *evil laugh*

We were saying: So I got busted and I’m still trying to collect whatever pieces of my ego I can find. I’m probably losing the ones I had found by writing this but I’ve decided to just throw it all out the window.

Here’s where you come in: If you are a writer, do you have a writer crush? Would you be comfortable with them knowing? (For example, Denise<<I presume that’s her name>> knows I’m infatuated with her writing and that, I have no problem with. But the subject that led to this discussion, I’m so not!) If not, why? If it’s anything other than writing, do you have those crushes for that particular thing?(Like I’m all about Matt and Dana when it comes to dancing). Also, how do you deal with Writer’s block? Too many questions. I know, but I’ve never wanted to hear your thoughts more. Feel free to share

Oh and it will do you good to read the fore mentioned letter.



46 thoughts on “Trivial Thoughts, Crushes

  1. Nope I never so much as whisper out loud the name of writer crush….. so them knowing, nope not gonna happen, unless i get drugged with truth serum in which case I would chew my own tongue and wait for some benevolent spirit to put me out of misery…..
    I dont really understand writer’s block… is it like words dont come or its not the words you want or what, cause I dont really get blocked I just find excuses not to write. If I sit there laptop or paper in front of meand I begin to write, stuff always comes….

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  2. Hahahaha,
    Writer Chic leave me alone..
    But in all honesty, I have massive crushes on writers, and am okay with letting them know..
    Why you ask?. People die that’s why
    I like celebrating people when they are still around to know they stirred up a few things lol..
    Also I always convince myself they won’t care anyway so there is nothing to lose…
    What motivates me is knowing I will never see their faces or them mine…😂
    I also think that unlike other jobs where there is a way of knowing you did an amazing job,(read promotion or salary rise) writers can’t know unless someone expressly says so,
    And I sacrifice my self respect at the altar of letting everyone whose words have a cupid effect on me that they kicked ass…
    Makes sense?

    While we are still on the subject,
    This was one epic product of your insomnia… Writers block got nothing on you…
    If that’s what writers block looks like on you, I will take your version any day 😊😊😊

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  3. So this is what happens when you get writer’s block?! Meh! Some people have all the fun!!

    Do I get writer’s crushes? Tehehehe, I have never thought of it as such?! I just thought, I really really liked their writing, and maybe their blog was the first thing I checked every morning. 🤔.

    Tehehehehe… This was a fun post!

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  4. Question: Do you have a writer crush?
    Me: *clears throat* No.
    Question: Would you be comfortable with them knowing?
    Me: *lifts eyebrows* I think this is not applicable to my setting, so next question please.
    Question: If not, why?
    Me: *giggles* well, I simply appreciate the writing styles and content and move on.
    Question: If it’s anything other than writing, do you have those crushes for that particular thing?
    Me: Things? no, but someone, yes! Actually some people, yes.
    Question: How do you deal with Writer’s block?
    Me: That’s rare to me but when it happens, I comment on blogs, read article and books, draw and when it hits hard I pray.

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  5. talthecap

    *rises from the ashes* I have been summoned!

    Anyway yes, that is the name, granted all this was supposed to be anonymous but I failed epically at making it so. Now to your questions.

    Yes, I’ve had a writer crush and I’ve told him (after years of squealing in his shadow) because every artist deserves to know when someone appreciates the art. I know how weird it can be because quite often these people have millions of fans and you’re just another one of them but don’t want to be seen as one because your passion is special, and heartfelt, and… ahem. Moving on. 🙂

    Writer’s block hasn’t affected me since I decided to follow the mantra ‘to write is to write is to write…’ It didn’t matter what I wrote, so long as I did and that’s how my brain switched gears. Practically every experience I have now is viewed from the how-can-I-write-about-this angle? I believe writers write and so inspiration or not, you write! ‘writer’s block’ is the idea that inspiration has to be present when one writes.

    Now look at me making 500+ words in your comment section.
    Lastly, I’d like to say that you’re fantastic (as a writer and as a person – from the little I’ve experienced of you) and I’m never left speechless – as you can see from my inappropriately long comment – but you sure did come close to leaving me that way when you told me you like my work.

    Also, that’s not the link to my blog. 🙂 🙂 Narcissistic, eh?

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    • subtleroyalty

      And this is exactly why I’m all over your words. You just described the whole writer crush thing so damn well!
      Thank you for the advice on writer’s block. And I think I should be ashamed for not being sure of your name *hides* and getting the link wrong *changes identity*
      It must be really eerie to know someone’s all about your words, isn’t it?(Don’t answer that)
      Now I have some editing to do. Bye hhi

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  6. I dont think i have a writer crush… i do like the writings never the people who write them. but if i do have a writer crush, its on those guys who call themselves THE LANTERN MEET OF POETS

    on writer’s block…. i have never believed in it or experienced it. i believe that if a writer can’t write, then let them not have breath also.

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  7. I had one, I really thought we would get married (even though he is basically married with his girlfriend of many years) hint: he was a guest on my blog. I figured my confession is fair since I’ve exposed y’all.

    I had a big one on Bruce (the AfroBlogger admin) <<< I think I'll poison myself after this one.

    Others last a week shame but now there's a guy from Ghana guys, he's liked every post on my blog and commented on a few all in one day guys. We are basically married in my head, I dream about going to Ghana every day and I think he's younger!!!

    I never get writers block, I just get lazy to write then I don't.

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  8. Funny story I have never thought of a crush outside of a writer’s crush or a regular crush….. but earlier today I was sitting in a bus and a fellow passenger started to sing, I swear it was like the voice of an angel and I forgot how tired I had been after hours and hours in a bus, so she is my voice crush, I realised after a bit that it was not her singing that had my attention it was her voice and the way she said my name ….. it is like she was born to say it……

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