I trust Google, sometimes too much. Like Google is always open in my browser, am a curious cat and also, I don’t like asking something that I can find on the internet. Well, that’s beside my point though it clarifies on why this might not be so perfect. I was tempted to Google how music reviews are written but then am thinking I love the music let M.E just spew out my thoughts. *Tip: Don’t try this at school. Do your research.

ABAASA RWEMEREZA (I actually Googled his name because I only knew Abaasa hihi)

Ladies, here you go…


Anyway, I like to think I have an ear for good music. I can hear it from miles away. No joke. Sometimes people tell M.E about songs and I don’t even bother to look. Then someone talks about a song only in passing but I just have a gut feeling. This song is good. Let’s not rely on my egocentric statements though, I’d like to give you your money’s worth.

The first time I had Abaasa’s music was back in 2014. The exact song being ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ and that was on 104.1, one of the only radio stations I listen to. Excuse the pun. I honestly thought it was Maurice Kirya but this man must have known some of us who are not so intuitive would think that so he put in the disclaimer (Nze siri Maurice Kirya at 1:36 of the song). So I’m thinking who is this guy??? If you listen to that song, listen to the instrumentals. Boy, they are beautiful. I liked the song (I still do) but I made no effort to find more music by the artist. Usually when I like a song I don’t go looking for it, I go looking for the album. I didn’t. Sure, I requested for it a few times here and there, but that was just it.

Fast forward sometime last year, as it was ending actually, in a conversation with my best friend before I set off to some place that does not allow for much connectivity. She was giving M.E all these “I’ll miss you” stories. Okay I was the one giving them so she sent M.E a song: ‘Ntegyerize’ to mean I am waiting in Rukiga. Jesus! the song is perfect. In my opinion, that is. The lyrics, the voice(you just have to love Abaasa’s voice, it’s amazing), the production…I must sound like a young girl in love, don’t I? But I am. With Abaasa’s music, that is.

This time round I looked for the album: The Rukungiri mix tape.

Album art.jpg

If am reviewing it, either I loved it or hated it but I guess with my evident fascination the latter is only a thing I have considered and found myself incapable. Oh, before I forget the album is available on iTunes and Amazon. It will set you back by $7.92. For my kinsmen, CDs are available at The Sound Cup, Garden City and BOLD, Acacia mall at only UgShs 10,000. We are out of January brokenness people, invest wisely. And by wisely I mean you won’t be disappointed.

But about songs on the 8-track album, I honestly don’t know how to go about this one because they are all unique and it is not hard to tell that a great deal of profession was invested in the production. I could easily say my favorite is ‘Run Away’ but ‘Ntegyerize’(the first cut)  stole my heart so that one goes second.

The album has the ability to send you time traveling or spur your imagination onto a wild run. Believe M.E, I speak from daily experience. You get the feeling of being lost when you listen to ‘Maze’ and think of a (non-existent in my case) loved one you could ‘Run Away’ with. The lyrics are well thought out, poetic even. ‘Fatal Attraction’ for one wins the title prize and I might be sorry if I make a comparison (so I won’t) but you might mistake it for one of your International pop star songs. My good friend, Derrick, argues that I over-hype Abaasa and that could be true, in a way, but that’s because it’s rare to find so much creativity and thought put into music lately so when I find it, I’m clingy like that. Meanwhile ‘Hometown’ … I’ll leave that thought to form.  The simplest song (in my humble opinion) is ‘Find Myself’ and the sophistication that simplicity brings, you can only tell if you’ve listened to the song.

In case you are wondering, the album is almost 6 months old but I figured better late than later could work, yes?  I have changed the Soundcloud widget on the sidebar to this beautiful masterpiece so you can listen and judge for yourselves.



*I’ll just play ‘Fatal Attraction’ one more time* the lies we tell ourselves…Ω

P.S: this is long overdue, I just had to put a full stop. It has been in the pipeline too long.



9 thoughts on “FATAL ATTRACTION*

  1. Where do I start?
    I heard about Abaasa because I am a cyber stalker of music events…
    So he was doing his Rukungiri Mix tape thingy at the sound cup but I failed to make it

    Then as Jesus would have, it we had Law School fun night and they invited him.

    Eeeeeeeeee I just couldn’t even begin to tell you how he made me feel with his art..

    So obviously I went all psycho cheerleader on him on twitter, then I went to the sound cloud and drowned in awesomeness

    Then I knew where he was going to show up next

    And the minute I knew he was going to be at the Uprising /Tweetamix party I made sure…
    I was front row center

    Tell your friend Derrick that Abaasa is not even rated enough …

    All his songs are my favorite but Ntegyerize is something…

    You nailed the review by the way
    Sorry I go carried away…
    Thank you for reminding me why we are musical twins..

    Plus well he looks like that… 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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