STATUS: In a Relationship


My heart is swollen right about now, almost bursting out of it’s safe place. I don’t like main stream language but I’ll forgive myself for now and use it. I can’t deal! I honestly can’t.

It’s February, the love month. I don’t know who made it so but whoever did , it’s killing M.E I tell you! Aye! so much beautiful literature I am reading and it’s only day 3??? How will I make it to 14th?(because I think thereafter, everyone will just go back to writing whatever else usually occupies their minds when it’s not Feb).

Josh and Kadaliblog are exchanging love letters. Shawn joined the mix. Sinawo, Sunshine and Shawn(again) are writing 29 letters of gratitude for the month…People, I can’t deal! There’s so much beauty going around I am feeling on the extreme sides of emotion.

I know, my friends do not think I have any emotion but boy, I have found what my emotion is reserved for. Words! Music is not making my emotional state better. I fell in love with Lauren Daigle. I fell hard…what’s with this month my Lord! The equation would be complete if Harvey walked into my life right about now but since that is not about to happen let M.E share some ‘excerpts’ that are revealing a new side to M.E. Oh, Monsieur sent M.E a letter too. I danced. Okay, the excerpts that are threatening my cardiovascular system:

“Thank you for not dying.
There is a part of me that thinks I would take it like a champ.
But there is a part that thinks I would be a mess.
I really never want to find out.” –These Gratitude Things by Sunshine

“Until then, until I can actually take you out, or when the roses I send you mean we can actually be more, until you realize the sun rises and sets in your eyes for me, you’ll be that one prayer I’ll safely tuck away and guard jealously with all my heart.” –Dear You by Josh

“If you have chosen to lover her, persist because love is selfless. You do not want to go to bed tomorrow with a tainted picture of her because of the emptiness you feel. You shouldn’t feel Lonely when alone. Paint the image of her at the walls of your heart.” –Dear You by Kadaliblog

“I feel thankful and happy because I have an angel such as you in my life, I feel like a baby, seeing your constant text messages brings back memories from 8 months ago when we had just met.” –Dear Lover! by Shawn (he quoted Shakespeare though, that blew my mind before I even started. Future husband, take notes:)

“So here’s to another Valentine’s day, I will spend without perfect kisses that interrupt me  mid sentence, without a mind that excites me, or a companion  determined to be my most favourite love story.” –Day 2: #The Love Challenge with Sinawo Bukani by Mido

“Thank you for not knowing, I still craved butterflies and butterflies of apologies
Long after you left.
It ensured that alone healed all the parts of me you broke.
Convincing myself that with the right man,
I can be more than a vacation.” –To My Lost Valentine... by Sinawo

In love

Status: In a Relationship

I could go on forever. I don’t know if this justifies my emotional state but I’m glad I’ve found a relationship that makes M.E feel like this. I’m in a relationship with words!!! We are happy together, thanks for asking 🙂 Please, February, do not end. Happy New month royals.






13 thoughts on “STATUS: In a Relationship

  1. This is how I just felt now reading Josh Agaba’s #LoveLetter, I’m like guys what is happening to us,??? all through Feb writers are being awesome hahahahaha I am also so excited about everyone who is doing daily posts this month.

    Thank you for the mention ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Thank you for taking what I thought was a childish rant and giving it a whole new meaning..

    ” I am glad I’ve found a relationship that makes M.E feel like this. I am in a relationship with words “.
    And I am glad I get to be a part of that relationship

    PS. you had me all curious, with the title and then you pleasantly surprised me

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