I’ve been a little hesitant in sharing my short stories. They are somewhat twisted and really short, sometimes I also don’t get them but I guess after reading this resolve I’m done shelving them. So here goes nothing:


“You can’t drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.”


She swam to the middle of the ocean. It wasn’t a big deal, she’d won more awards than anyone because of her prowess in water. She paddled as she looked around her for the last time. She waved at her friends by the beach. They’d never know she was saying goodbye. She smiled.

They watched in horror as an unexpected sea tide engulfed her. But she had known all along and this was her glorious moment to make sure the movie she’d been directing, her life, came to a dramatic end. There would be no sequel, she hadn’t planned for it. Slowly she descended the depths, let herself fall through, feel the cold bite into her skin. Her lungs filled with something that was in no way related to oxygen. The rush of the water was against her skull emptying her mind of all but the relief that came from numbness, she could not see straight and her skin felt clammy…but she’d been here a long time it felt so familiar. Only not physically. She didn’t fight anymore.

dark thoughts

She cried as she died

For all the pain that had drowned her more than that tide…

And she went to sleep that night wishing she’d never been saved, for she’d be safe and they would be sorry. But now she was sorry and they were safe…


She cried as she died

“The man in ecstasy and the man drowning-both throw up their arms. The first to signify harmony, the second to signify strife with the elements.” -Franz Kafka

The cold has a way of toying with my mind, I have come to realize but that’s a story for another day. I’ll be proud if I actually go through with posting this…am having second, third blah thoughts. But then there’s the resolve.


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