Of music and engineered tastes



You’ve been ripped. I have been ripped. Hell, we’ve all been ripped! The best part? We don’t know. We never even suspected. Just as I was gearing up to rave on about my music, I got a lecture (yes he called it a lecture) on the subject from someone whose insight never ceases to enlighten M.E. I hope to God he is not reading this. Okay, fingers crossed here’s the issue;

Main stream music is not as good as you think it is. Jaw drop? Do I hear a ‘huh?’ Good. I had the same reaction. Music that has the word ‘pop’ before it is usually all good beats and vocals and that’s it. There’s no real value to it that’s why it doesn’t hold the ‘timeless’ factor. Like the Billboard 100 changes weekly, right? But the ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Bach has seen generations and boy, it gives M.E the chills. Every time. (I was a music student for some four years in my high school)

Oh and I just discovered the ‘pop’ means popular. I know there’s someone else who didn’t know. Anyway my professor’s point? Do you ever listen to a song that the internet is all up in flames about and you think it’s over hyped? But then everyone’s talking about it and finds it so cool and you probably think ‘It’s not that bad’ and before you know it, you are also all about the song. It’s actually on repeat on your music machine. You have to know all the lyrics the next time your friends are talking about it. There’s a new one out next month asking people from the past how they are and boy, you are on that train too probably faking some tears because apparently, that voice makes cheeks wet. Oh for sentiment’s sake!

But my professor is deep (I tell him all the time) and he wonders what really is the point??? What’s the message in this song really? He did some research to that effect and found that behind those songs are companies that have got their marketing sh*t together. They are in business and if you are into marketing, I suggest you do some research on those companies. Real good. So 90% of your music (if you’re one to keep up with trends) is really engineered and might not actually be your groove. You are filling your head with club bangers and chart toppers; I guess that’s good…if you’ll excuse my cynicism.

There’s more to the music industry though. There are people out there releasing songs that have meaning, that are not doing it for the money or to gain a following. The music is written with a higher purpose and it isn’t about a woman’s behind. Consider this; music is the only thing that engages all parts of your brain. Is that what you really want your brain to engage in? No, I am not going to review my music. I have some sanitizing to do but I thought I’d share today’s lesson. If you didn’t pick; music with pointless lyrics is not something you want to fall asleep to.

And as much as this defies the essence of the song, ‘Ride’ by Ruyonga has sick beats, and a good message…especially on the subject. Okay the Glory Fire album.

The same is also true for what you are watching.


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