“Occasionally the day fights do valiantly against the night that you almost think if it could, only if it could, it would not set.
The fight gives off these radiant light flashes. The result of that hostile take over the night is instituting on the day.
And today, I was caught thinking about that. Because we all mostly studied The Nile English course we almost always refer to the same idiomatic expressions like “When elephants fight…” to mean collateral damage.
We live our lives afraid of conflict, of tension, of what people will say when in reality any scriptwriter will tell you conflict moves plays forward, it drives books to the end, it is what gives movies purpose and has been the muse for painters for ages.
Some conflict is inside us, other conflict is outside us, some of it is with people around us or sometimes in them.
But without ever finding your greatest adversary you can never really achieve your greatest potential. It is only after Batman faces with Joker that he becomes the Dark Knight. Find your adversary. Your opposite. Your match. For they will better you, drive you, challenge you and eventually push you to your death. But it will have been a life worth living having had both love and war.
For it’s when you find the ones you hate that the people you love really start to count.
Find your conflict. Find your adversary. Find your courage. Live your life. Because in nature a good thing like this sunset can come from a fight to death.”

That was a caption on a photo of the sunset by @spartakussug on Instagram.


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